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Handmade Lavender Soap, Shampoo, Hand Lotion, Linen Spray & more

Aunt Bee's Lavender products are made with real lavender from plants harvested here in the Texas Hill Country. Over two million visitors come to see the beautiful lavender fields in late spring and attend lavender celebrations.

Aunt Bee has her own secret process for adapting these aromatic lavender flowers into one-of-a-kind beauty products (see products below).

Lavender is scientifically proven to have healing benefits for human skin.

Women visitors love shopping in Fredericksburg. Some shop just to get a bottle of Aunt Bee's Lavender Linen Spray. Gals like to spray it on pillows for a good night's sleep, on clothes while ironing, as an air freshener around a room or on husbands to calm them down.

Visitors also enjoy seeing Enchanted Rock, free roaming white tail and axis deer, nocturnal ringtail cats, pesky racoons and tricky red and grey foxes. City folks enjoy seeing the cows: Santa Gertrudis, White Faced Herfords, Beefmaster, Red and Black Angus, Charolais, Texas Longhorns (and seeing the goats and sheep). Must sees: Immel's sheep farm (anytime) and the Gillespie Livestock auction (Highway Street at Longhorn Street, Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Fredericksburg is noted for its Nimitz Museum (Admiral Nimitz was born and raised here), beautiful women who keep their good looks by using Aunt Bee's beauty products, AND cozy B&B's and well kept hotels.

Try breakfast at Fredericksburg Gourmet Coffee or Rather Sweet. Later in the day, grab a bite to eat at Friedhelm's Bavarian Inn, Cranky Frank's Texas style BBQ, Mamacita's, Mr. Gatti's (family fun), Auslander, Catfish Haven, Der Lindenbaum, Altdorf, Hilltop Cafe, Bejas, the Peach Tree, Porky's, Hondo's (guitar playing and dancing), Fredericksburg Brewery, or Rathskeller. Laugh your head off at the Rockbox (family stageshow entertainment).

Be sure to visit the Nimitz and Pioneer museums. Check out the horse racing, Gillespie County Fair adjacent to Gillespie County Airport. Gillespie County Park is nice for playing tennis and golf, having a picnic or seeing an auto show.

Take a tour of the many wineries! Go to LBJ State and National parks and see the buffalo (American Bison). Drive to Luckenbach, where everybody's somebody and listen to some great live guitar music and singing, eat, drink, and dance. Visit the Pioneer Museum where you will find Aunt Bee's products and copies of "Texas Trains" by local author Richard K. Troxell. Explore Peach Basket (health foods and Aunt Bee's products).

Aunt Bee's beauty products make great gifts!



Aunt Bee's Lavender Sampler

Special Introductory Offer:

8 oz bottle of Lavender Evening Primrose hand lotion

1 - 4 oz bar Lavender Shea Butter Soap

1 - 4 oz bar Lavender Glycerin Soap

8 oz bottle of Lavender shampoo

8 oz bottle of Lavender Linen Spray

1 sachet of Lavender Flower Buds

$29.95     reg. $35.80

Aunt Bee's Lavender Hand Lotion

Evening primrose for healing properties.

Cucumber extract for softening skin and lightening brown spots.

Allantoin stimulates growth of healthy tissue.


Scent from essential oil.

Other scents available: Rose, Gardenia, Cucumber Melon, Gardenia.

1 - 8 oz bottle of Aunt Bee's Hand Lotion $8.95 (specify scent) 

Aunt Bee's Lavender/Shea Butter Soap

Shea Butter moisturizes and helps heal skin.


Scent from lavender essential oil.

2 oz bar with heart design $2 ea.

4 oz bar with "LAVENDER" embossed $4 ea.

Other scents available: peach, rose,

oatmeal spice, or cucumber melon.


Aunt Bee's Lavender Linen Spray

Made with all natural ingredients: essential oil,

formulator's alcohol, distilled water.

1 - 8 oz bottle for $3.95


Aunt Bee's Lavender/Glycerin Soap

Excellent botannical and vegetable based soap,

meeting vegan guidelines. Made with real

lavender flowers. Hypo-allergenic; low water

content. Scent from lavender essential oil.

2 oz bar with heart design $2 ea.

4 oz bar with word "LAVENDER" $4 ea.

Other scents available (without flowers):

bluebonnet, peach, melon cucumber, plus

bars shown below.

Aunt Bee's Lavender Shampoo

Made with natural glycerin and coconut oil.

Hypo-allergenic. Scent from essential oil.

Other scents: Peach (very popular), Rose.

and gardenia.

1 - 8 oz bottle for $7.95 

Aunt Bee's Wine Soaps...meticulously tested to model

the wine's color and scent.

An addition to Aunt Bee's Glycerin Soaps. Scents: l to r,

Chardonnay, White Merlot and Peach Zinfandel.

4 oz bar $4 ea.


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(830) 997-2884

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Aunt Bee's Lavender Liquid Soap

Made with natural glycerin, coconut oil;

hypo-allergenic; scent from essential oil.

Other scents available: peach (very popular),

rose, gardenia.

1 - 8 oz bottle for $7.95



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